À la carte

Hotels have different menus and opening hours, so please check the website of the hotel you wish to visit.

Hotel Wassilioff in Stavern: monday to saturday 18h – 22h
Hotel Kong Carl in Sandefjord: wednesday – saturday 18h – 22h
Unike Grand Hotel in Åsgårdstrand: monday – saturday 18h – 21h

Subject to seasonal changes

Our most popular dishes


Russian blinis with caviar and a glass of sparkling wine (1-3-4-7-12)

Roasted scallops with cauliflower puree and dill mayonnaise (2-7-10-14)

Aquavit cured salmon with horseradish cream and spinach mayonnaise (3-4-7)

Main courses

Oven baked wild halibut with roasted king oyster mushrooms, apple butter sauce with caviar and savoy cabbage (4-7)

Fallow deer fillet creamy savoy cabbage, red wine sauce and cranberries (7)

Pan-fried fresh cod from the fishing pier with creamy herb risotto, fresh spinach and beurre blanc (7-12)

Roasted beef tenderloin, sauteed savoy cabbage, lotus root, amandine potatoes and spiced red wine sauce (3-7-9)

Slow-braised beef cheeks marinated in Amarone, salt-baked shallots and homemade potato purée (7-9-11-12)

After Dinner Sweet

Homemade caramel pudding with freshly whipped cream (3-7-8)

Iced Flensburger with vanilla ice cream, cherries and egg liqueur (3-7)

The house’s passion fruit cream with fresh fruits and berries (3-7)

The hotel’s symphony of delicious ice creams and sorbets (3-7-8)

Selection of matured cheeses, fruit compote, nuts and a glass of port wine (7-8-12)

NB: Special prices apply for Midtåsen