Our cuisine is based on traditional recipes and uses only the best ingredients. Our taste profile is grounded in a combination of French gourmet cuisine and Norwegian traditional recipes. Our chefs come from the 5-star Sofitel Luxury Hotel and a 2-star Michelin restaurant in France, as well as gourmet restaurants in Denmark. The wines are hand picked and specially adapted to our menus. This all adds up to create an atmosphere we are proud of.

For breakfast in one of the hotels in UNIKE HOTELLER, you will be greeted by a nice breakfast hostess and coffee will be served from silver jugs. We always prepare the tables with white table cloths. In our buffet, you will find a large selection of homemade foods, including hot dishes such as fried and boiled eggs, baked beans, bacon or porridge.

We are proud and service-minded hosts who can tailor all events, such as courses, conferences, gatherings, anniversaries, confirmations, weddings, memorials, kick-off, corporate parties or Christmas parties.

We can propose rooms and menus for every occasion.