All our hotels are environmentally certified under Eco-Lighthouse, which means we focus on:

  • Waste reduction and environmentally friendly waste management
  • Energy-saving measures
  • Purchase of environmentally friendly products
  • Measures for a better working environment

Social responsibility

By environmentally certifying our hotels, we contribute to a better environment and lower greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we enhance our reputation for environmental commitment. Consumers are increasingly concerned about responsibility and sustainability, making responsibility a larger part of our brand strategy.
In a Eco-Lighthouse certification, environmentally friendly operations are included, not only saving the environment but also expenses on energy efficiency and waste reduction. We work every day to take care of the environment around us, and we hope you will help us with this.

Transparency Act

Unike Hoteller is a chain consisting of 14 hotels, of which 9 are owned and operated by Unike Hoteller AS, 4 are franchise hotels, and 1 is under construction. All business activities take place in Norway. The headquarters of the group are located in Midtåsen, Sandefjord.

Statement on due diligence
Unike Hoteller aims to create a culture where we exceed expectations. We want to provide our guests with fantastic experiences, be a good workplace for our valued employees, contribute to the community, and, not least, focus strongly on the environment.

The Transparency Act came into effect on July 1, 2022. The law aims to promote businesses’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, ensuring public access to information. Unike Hoteller is covered by the Transparency Act and has facilitated contact for anyone seeking information.

The term “Group” in these ethical guidelines refers to all units within Unike Hoteller AS. Business partners of the Group in these ethical guidelines refer to all third parties acting for, on behalf of, or together with the Group. These parties include suppliers, project partners, consultants, agents, subcontractors, minority shareholders, and sales representatives.

Guidelines and procedures
The Group is continuously working for a better future where we as a company contribute to creating a society where people can live and develop. We believe that there is a direct link between responsible behavior as an employer on the one hand and economic progress on the other. Responsible and ethical behavior towards employees, business partners, society and the environment is a fundamental part of the company’s value system. Compliance with laws and regulations is therefore crucial in our business activities. The opportunity to maintain and further develop positive business relationships is largely based on a shared commitment to business and social responsibility. These ethical guidelines for our business partners establish the Group’s standards and expectations in key areas of social responsibility, and we want our commitment to be reflected in the relationships we have with our business partners. The goal is to collaborate with business partners in our shared connections to ensure our standards are met, and we expect all our business partners to share our commitment to responsible and ethical business conduct. The Group’s “Ethical guidelines for our business partners” (see below) are based on internal guidelines, which state that we will conduct our business in accordance with the principles of internationally recognized standards for responsible corporate governance. These include, for example, the UN Global Compact and the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The compliance of business partners with the ethical guidelines is continuously monitored.

Information on due diligence and measures
Through its due diligence assessments, the Group has not identified any significant circumstances indicating particularly adverse effects on the business. The Group only has operations in Norway.

Ethical guidelines for our business partners

All business partners are expected to adhere to these guidelines in relation to:

Human rights
Our business partners support and act in accordance with the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, and the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Working environment
The working environment of our business partners – wherever the work is performed – shall be free from discrimination and physical or verbal harassment based on – but not limited to – race, gender, color, ethnic, national or social identity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political views or other characteristics that may make one particularly vulnerable. Our business partners have a respectful and dignified relationship with their employees, free from harassment, bullying or intimidation.

Sexual harassment
Our business partners do not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment refers to conduct of a sexual nature that offends an employee or applicant. This may include unwanted physical touching and contact, unwanted advances, derogatory jokes about a person’s gender, comments about appearance, unwanted stares and pornographic images. It is the person who is subjected to harassment who decides whether the behavior is unwanted or not.

Employment conditions
Our business partners do not tolerate forced labor – meaning all work or services required of individuals who have not voluntarily accepted to perform the work/service and who are threatened with punishment if the work/service is not performed – or any form of slavery or human trafficking. Our business partners do not tolerate child labor as defined in ILO conventions 138 and 182, as well as national laws.